Emotional support

About Sharon Rich

I am a Holistic Therapist specialising in emotional support and stress relief. I have practised either professionally or personally for over 20 years.

Nature's Gifts

Bach Flower Remedies have been a wonderfully supportive resource in my personal ‘tool box’ for many years. However, it was some years before I decided to train in order to incorporate them into my holistic practice. I completed Levels One and Two in 2017 of the Bach Flower Remedies Training and went on to become a Registered Practitioner in 2018. I am also a Bach Flower Remedy Animal Practitioner.

Reiki Healing

My Reiki journey began in 2009. Life was particularly stressful at that time and I was searching for some additional support to help me cope. I had not experienced Reiki before and the beneficial effects were profound. From that point on Reiki became a constant part of my life.

I trained in Level One and Two in 2010 and 2011.Those 2 trainings qualified me to work professionally with Reiki, however at that time, I felt comfortable to use my new found learnings for self-healing only. Applying the principles and meditation on a regular basis, provided invaluable support at times of stress. This self practice has become a natural part of my life.

Sharing My Reiki Practice

In 2017 my thoughts turned to sharing the benefits of Reiki and so I decided to practice professionally. At this point I went on to complete Master Level 3. My training is in Original Usui Reiki. I am also trained as a Master NLP Practitioner and Coach. These skills have enriched my personal and professional life by increasing my self-awareness and maximizing my ability to engage with my clients, enhancing the sense of safety and trust required in any therapeutic environment.

Discovering the Joy of Emotional Connection

My initial training was in Reflexology. I was drawn to this profoundly healing and relaxing therapy as a client and also practitioner. As I followed my own journey of personal development and healing I found that I was increasing drawn to exploring how our emotional state impacts our health and working to provide emotional support became a key area of interest for me so I began to explore other holistic therapies. Contact me to discuss how we can create a treatment that’s just right for you.