Bach flower remedies

The Bach System

The Bach healing system is comprised of 38 different plant essences, each corresponding with a specific emotional or mental state. They are completely natural remedies extracted from wild flowers and tree blossom (with the exception of Rock water). Subtle yet powerful, they offer the support needed to help us gain perspective, shift negativity and achieve emotional balance.

“Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature is surely the one method of all which appeals to most of us”
Dr Edward Bach, 1936

Bach Flower Remedies are beneficial in any and every circumstance. For long standing issues such as anxiety, insecurity or discontent they provide the nudge we are looking for to help us experience ourselves and the world from a more balanced perspective. They are equally as effective for short term challenges such as exams, a job interview or a visit to the dentist allowing us to access a sense of inner calm and control.

The Bach System works on the principle that we have all the resources we need within us, we just need help at times to access them. It is a system of based on empowerment of the individual and self-compassion.

The History

The system was developed in the 1930’s by Dr Edward Bach. A very accomplished physician and surgeon, as well as immunologist and bacteriologist. He became interested in homeopathy and the relationship between personality and disease. In 1930 he left conventional medicine and dedicated his life to exploring the healing properties of plants for specific emotional states. This work culminated in the 38 remedies that we know as the Bach Flower Remedy system today.

The Consultation

This is approximately an hour. During which there is time to discuss and explore how you are feeling and any issues or conflicts you may be experiencing. Based on our discussion we will look at the remedies and consider which ones are most suitable. The consultation is relaxed, confidential and collaborative.

A bespoke blend of remedies is then made up for you to take away.

I am Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner

Practitioners on the Bach Centre’s Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners have followed an approved programme of education and assessment to ensure they are competent to use the remedies in professional practice. BFRPs work under the Bach Foundation Code of Practice, which sets out the standards expected of professional practitioners and provides a safe framework for practitioners and clients. Please see The Bach Centre for more details.

I am also a Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner.

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Consultation cost – 1hr £40 (inc. bespoke remedy)

I also offer combined treatments. A 30 minute Bach Flower consultation and remedy with a 30 minute Massage, Reflexology or Reiki treatment.

Contact me to discuss how we can create a treatment that’s just right for you.