“There was a lot of change in our household when Sharon came and visited us. My youngest was 1 and going through a lot of developmental stuff and my middle boy had just started school. Sharon has a brilliant knack of gently allowing you to talk, and for your emotional “stuff” to gradually bubble to the surface and become apparent. She held a space for me to talk and unravel some of what was going on and I felt very safe and supported in doing so. I felt that we worked collaboratively to find remedies that would be right for me and my family, and then when she checked in with us a few weeks later I really realised what a difference they had made to us. Thank you Sharon! “
Harriet S.

” Sharon helped me to reflect on my current emotional state, enabling me to have deeper understanding and clarity. Her ability to listen and really hear in a non- judgemental and compassionate way allowed me to feel safe to explore. Her insight combined with the flower remedies she prescribed for me supported a significant shift in my outlook and day to day experience. Sharon takes great care to support and engage with her clients”
Esther L.

“I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough. A delightful and friendly character, very professional who immediately fills one with complete confidence as a brilliant reflexologist. l had a below knee amputation about 18 months ago, but then an unfortunate fall fracturing my other femur in September and had lost confidence in walking, & after 5 sessions both limbs & my entire body fully relaxed & a great feeling of well-being.”
Julia Stevens

“Sharon has a genuine, nurturing approach her massage therapy. She truly cares about each individual. While intuitive and knowledgeable she really listens to your needs. I felt very comfortable in giving her feedback throughout the massage as it felt like she was open to this.

I was also made up a unique blend of essential oils which were used in my treatment. Sharon helped me choose ones which were perfect for my overtired and stressed state! So much so that I have been using the same oils at home since then. She had an extensive knowledge about aromatherapy and is passionate about giving you a little extra with these gorgeous smells.
I can highly recommend Sharon!”
Isi M

“I had a wonderful massage from Sharon, and I have to say it was one of the most sensitive and relaxing massages I have ever experienced. I felt as if Sharon intuitively knew where and when to apply greater or lesser pressure, and the pace of the massage, the ambience and the general energy that Sharon brought was perfect. I thoroughly recommend this to everyone and I can’t wait for my next one!”
Lucy Roberts

“Sharon is intuitive with such healing hands and heart to match. Treatments are relaxing, de-stressing but also revitalising. I can feel the benefits of each session for many days afterwards.”
Jackie H